Walking Tours of Bogota

Walking Tours of Bogota

Bogota, Colombia

No offence to ‘old people’ but when I hear the words walking tour my mind immediately goes to old people, or over enthusiastic adults trying to get their kids take some interest in the history of the city they are exploring.

Well that image has been squashed and I am officially sold

We had 3 nights in Bogota and in that time we managed to do 2 walking tours! We wanted to explore the city, actually learn about what we were seeing and the history behind it, rather than just looking at the buildings thinking yes that’s nice and moving onto the next one.

The first tour we did was based around Bolivar Square and it’s nearby surroundings. It was led by a Colombian girl, probably around 23, who had SO much passion in what she was saying she kept us captivated the entire time. She told us about the ‘true’ story of Pablo Escobar and the effects he has had on Colombia to this day. If you can, you NEED to do this tour. It is free (you tip at the end if you think it was worth it, which it is) and she takes you to a restaurant at the end. She got us to try Colombian delicacies – for free – in a place you would not find if she didn’t take you. We ended up staying there and ordering seriously good food!



As we loved our first tour so much we decided to do a second, exploring a different part of the city and focusing on the artistic side. We chose a graffiti tour. Again it was free (tip at the end what you think it was worth). This tour was fantastic too, despite it being slightly too long and the tours voice being slightly annoying by the end! It starts at Parque de Los Periodistas in La Candelaria and Ventura around the backstreets near here. The tour guide knew all the pieces of ‘graffiti’ on the walls, knew who had painted them and knew what they all stood for. Even if you aren’t bothered about the reasons why, it is worth going on this tour just so you can see the pieces of art you otherwise wouldn’t have found.



The rest of our time in Bogota was spent by walking around and getting lost (once walking to a university campus thinking it was a large park because it was green on the map) most of the time but if you want to see more of our tours (including our tour in Cartagena) check out my vlog!



Did you do any tours of Bogota? I’d love to hear which, or if you have any recommendations of other things to do here, comment below!

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