The Way Ahead: A Rough Itinerary for the Year!

The Way Ahead: A Rough Itinerary for the Year!

So for those of you who don’t know I am travelling the world, with my friend Hannah, in ONE WEEK! Not that far away right? I know, it is getting scarily close and I am feeling quite under-prepared but SO excited!

We have both decided to leave our jobs, so while we are planning our trip to last around a year, neither of us have a specific date we need to be back for so in that sense we are quite flexible with dates.

So many people have been asking where we will be at what point in the year I have decided to make a post outlining where we will be for anyone that is interested. If there are any changes I will try and keep on top and update this!


19th September  U+21FE.gif Flight from Manchester – New York

23rd September  U+21FE.gif Bus from New York – Washington D.C.

26th September  U+21FE.gif Bus from Washington – New York (spend the day there)

26th September  U+21FE.gif Bus from New York – Toronto

30th September  U+21FE.gif Flight from Toronto – Los Angeles

6th October  U+21FE.gif Bus from Los Angeles – Las Vegas

10th October  U+21FE.gif Fly from Las Vegas – San Francisco

16th October  U+21FE.gif Fly from San Francisco – Miami

24th October  U+21FE.gif Fly from Miami – Bogota

We are then making our way from Bogota (Columbia) to Buenos Aires (Argentina), going through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, mainly using busses though there may be some internal flights. This will be booked nearer the time or last minute!

12th December  U+21FE.gif Fly from Buenos Aires to Auckland

We will be meeting two friends here and we are renting a camper-van to travel around both North and South Island New Zealand!

3rd January  U+21FE.gif Fly from Auckland to Nadi

We will be island hopping the majority of our time in Fiji.

17th January  U+21FE.gif Fly from Nadi to Sydney

We will be travelling around East Coast of Australia and also working here. We are unsure of our route yet and at what point we will work and for how long! It’s very up in the air!

The next section are the different flights/routes we will be taking but the dates are not confirmed until closer to the time as it depends how long we stay in Australia for **We used the mutli-flex pass that STA offer as you can change the dates of your flights as many times as you like**

Sydney  U+21FE.gif  Kuala Lumpar

We will make our own way to Indonesia and the Philippines

Kuala Lumpar  U+21FE.gif  Tokyo

We will make our own way from Tokyo  to Singapore

Singapore  U+21FE.gif  Delhi

Delhi  U+21FE.gif  Dubai

Dubai  U+21FE.gif  Manchester

And there you have it. Our crazy year ahead. Obviously I know there is a lot more planning to do and finalising of dates but most of these don’t need to be made until closer to the time.

If you have any tips/ideas that could be helpful for us please comment below!

39 Replies to “The Way Ahead: A Rough Itinerary for the Year!”

  1. wow what a great trip and I am sure you are going to have the best time. It would be interesting to know how coeliac affects your travels if it does in anyway so I will be following your journey

  2. I’ve always dreamed of travelling the World. Do you think you might make vlogs on your travels? That would be awesome!
    At the beginning of your post, I read it as you’re travelling the World in a week, not you’re leaving in a week. Was thinking you’d be racing as fast as you can…
    Sounds like the most amazing adventure. I look forward to reading your updates.

    1. It would be important Essie if I was doing it in a week, that would be impressive! Yes I’m going to be doing some vlogs as well as the blogs!

  3. Oh my goodness what a trip!! You will have the most amazing time. Have to say I was slightly jealous reading all those amazing places but will just have to pop back to the blog and catch up on more posts!

  4. I am so jealous! You must be so excited. We really want to do something like this soon and are mega saving. We’ll definitely be reading about your journey and enviously looking at photos you post! 😀

  5. That sounds like a brilliant trip! If I were you I would dedicate more time to South America. It is such a fascinating continent and you could spend easily a month in Peru for example and not be able to experience everything that this country has to offer. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately we have things booked for New Zealand but we can’t spend more time there, however I am always willing to go back!!

    1. I can’t wait for Australia, mainly because we will be living in one place for a while so will be able to have proper food!!

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