New York City: A Three Day Itinerary

New York City: A Three Day Itinerary


There are SO many things to do in New York, the concrete jungle, the city that never sleeps, that even IF you were there for a few weeks you are still going to find new things to do or see. The list is endless. However there are a few that you do NOT want to miss out on!

3 day itinerary

So you have made it! You’re in New York and you don’t know where to start. Well first off congratulations, you are in the same situation as everyone. So much to do with so little time. Follow this itinerary (I have literally just done it so I know it works!) – you can do it in any ‘day’ order so don’t worry if baseball isn’t on your day 1 etc.

Day 1: start your day by finding food. If you are going to eat out I would research beforehand because depending where you are staying food may not be just round the corner, and you don’t want to be walking around h’angry with no idea when the next cafe is going to be. We made this mistake and walked a while until we found a Starbucks!

We spent our first morning exploring Central Park, by the time we had got out of the apartment and had brunch it was about 11.30am and the baseball game started at 1am so we only had a limited amount of time. We ended our time there by walked over to The Met and sat on the steps (pretending we were Blair and Serena, xoxo gossip girl). The subway to get to the baseball was literally down the block opposite so we were in prime position to hope right on.

**Ok for this next part I would recommend prebooking**

Depending what time of the year you’re coming to New York it will either be baseball or basketball season. Book in to see one of their games. We booked to see The Yankees vs Minnesota Twins and our tickets cost about $11 when we prebooked. We were right at the top of the stadium and we had a fantastic view and the atmosphere was great (considering it was 1.00pm on a Wednesday the stadium was still quite full)!

A baseball game can go on for quite a while, we ended up leaving on the 7th innings (about 5 o’clock) so don’t feel like you need to stay for the whole game if you think you’re slacking.

In the evening go out for a meal, perhaps treat yourself to a cocktail or two (so many places have happy hour running) and then get yourself an early night so you’re ready for an early start tomorrow.

Day 2: get out as early as possible.

First off you are going to head to The Rockefeller Plaza *you can do the Empire State Building but having done both I think the views from the top of the rock are far better, and you get to see the Empire State from there.* The earlier you get there the smaller the queues and waiting time, believe me you’ll be thanking me later, especially if you are visiting at peak time of the year. If you have a waiting time step outside and visit St Patrick’s Cathedral, I didn’t go in but it’s definitely worth seeing from the outside.

After checking out the awesome views from both sides of The Rock you are going to head up to Times Square. I would stroll down 5th ave so you can check out the shops, maybe treat yourself to ONE thing! On your way to Times Square you will be going past Grand Central Station do yourself a favour, go in and pretend you’re either Serena or Dan.

If you need a recommendation for somewhere to eat I would SERIOUSLY try out ‘The Counter’ it’s just off broadway on 41stW and it does the most incredible burgers. They had gluten free and vegan options so it really suits everyone. There is a checklist and you can add as many toppings as you want, I ticked SO much I ended up sliding most of it off and eating them as a side!

From Times Square you can wander up to Central Park, we walked around but I have heard that getting a bike is a great way to explore. I loved seeing the friends fountain, finding a spot with a good view and just sitting and taking it all in! If you have time find the boathouse and hire a boat for half an hour. Be aware it is hard work, especially in the heat but it is so worth it.

Be aware it might not sound like a lot but you are seeing and walking a LOT! You are going to be absolutely knackered. We didn’t end up going out for tea because we were so full from the burger still so we bought snacks went back to the apartment we were staying in and did some research for day 3. We booked our tickets to watch ‘School of Rock’ on broadway (literally for the next day) and it cost about $59 + tax each I would leave it till last minute to book again!

Day 3: Today you’re going to be seeing the sights downtown. Get on the subway to Brooklyn and get off at High Street A-C. You literally come out at the path heading towards Brooklyn bridge. Take your time walking over it, take in all the views, remember to walk in the left to avoid bikers going mad at you! Once you have walked over the bridge make your way to Ground Zero. We didn’t go in the museum, there was a very big queue but if you have time go for it!

Wall Street is just around corner from Ground Zero and while there isn’t anything to do, apart from taking pictures of course, it’s definitely a place to tick it off the list.

If you struggle with food like me go to Fresh&co for lunch. This place is insane. There are sandwiches, panini’s (although these are not GF or Vegan) and soups but what I liked best was the salads. There are lots of different types you can get; there are additioal extras; you choose a dressing of your choice and then they toss it all together in front of you. You can eat in but I recommend taking it out, walking down to Battery Park, sitting on the waterfront and eating there.

After lunch head down to South Ferry, Staten Island Ferry. This is a free Ferry that runs every half hour to and from Staten Island. Instead of paying extortionate prices to get slightly closer to the Statue of Liberty go on this ferry and it takes you right past it and you also have a view of the Manhattan skyline. You will then have half an hour to kill on Staten Island (unless you manage to catch the same ferry back) so you can either relax in the ferry waiting lounge *it has free wifi* or you can go outside and have a short wander around.

Once you are back in Manhattan head home and get yourself ready for an evening in the theatre. Try and leave yourself a good amount of time to eat somewhere beforehand, if you are eating in Times Square or close surroundings leave extra time or prebook so you can go and sit straight at the table. If not you may find your stomach rumbling during the show as you didn’t have time to have a proper sit down meal. Are you are struggling to decide what show to watch? We saw ‘School of Rock’ and it was amazing – the kids are so talented and it is a feel good watch that you just can’t go wrong with it!

And there you have it. A 3 day itinerary to New York City. Hopefully you will enjoy your time there as much as we have – I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to go! If you have any other sightseeings you think are a ‘need to see’ in New York I would love to hear them! Don’t forget  to comment below!

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42 Replies to “New York City: A Three Day Itinerary”

  1. Hi! As a fellow New Yorker, I can’t not agree with you more on these fun things you listed! I love this city and there is so much to see and do and places to go eat. When ever people come to visit me I take them to many of the places you listed. And great tip about pre-booking!

  2. What a trip!! New York has been on my bucket list since my early teens and I have a list a mile long of the things I want to do and the places I want to see over there. Ground Zero is a big one for me, I really want to go there and pay my respects, I have been told it has such an eerie calm about it but needs to be seen to be believed.

    1. It really is! What I couldn’t get over were people that were taking selfies all smiling etc. It didn’t quite seem the right time! Definitely a must see.

  3. New York was my home for 38 years! Your 3 days were definitely full! You picked a great itinerary. I lol’d at buy ONE thing. NYC is definitely a beautiful place. The skylines are the best!

    1. It’s definitely worth going! If your kids are teenagers or older I would say take them with you! Just prepare them for a lot of walking 🙂

    1. I had no clue what was going on the majority of the time but it’s fun to make up your own rules! The atsmophere is worth it!

  4. We went to New York for our honeymoon in 2009 and would love to go back. I absolutely agree with you on getting to places early. They can become so busy.

  5. A great trip. I visited New York years ago and visited a few of the places mentioned. I never got round to doing Central Park though so I guess I will have to go back. The city definitely has an amazing buzz to it.

  6. Wow, you certainly packed in a lot in three days. Sounds like an amazing trip! I have always wanted to go to NY but so far have not made it. I would imagine I would feel like I was on a TV set with so many of my favourite shows being set there. So many already-familiar places!

  7. Oh wow what a great itinerary and the views just look absolutely amazing. I have never been to New York but my husband has. I would love to visit one day. xx

  8. One of my favourite things to do in NYC is visit all the locations you recognise from films and TV shows over the years – I think I can even spot a few memorable locations in the photos you posted.

  9. I am LOVING following your journey!
    Can’t believe you got to go to a baseball game! It sounds awesome.
    Also, Staten Island!!! That’s been in so many movies!
    Can’t believe how much you’re fitting in! Going to read about the next leg of your trip now.

  10. Ooh this is a great itinerary, I’ve never been to New York but really want to. We were thinking of only going for a few days so this is really handy.

  11. You have mentioned some great sights to see here. Although I have never been I know most of those. My husband has been to New York and he absolutely loved it. xx

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