This is our last stop before heading down to South America so we thought it would only be right to relax a little, have a few beach days, a few nights out and a day trip.

Arriving in from San Fran the heat was welcomed and as we couldn’t get into our room for a few hours we got ourselves a Starbucks and explored/sunbathed on South Beach for a little while which we were in need of! Of course we saw the iconic Miami lifeguard stands, took in the surf side hotels and took brief dips in the sea. When I say brief they were V brief, it was a little chilly.

We wanted to do a day trip and chose to go to Key West. Unfortunately the day we booked onto it, we decided to go out the night before so we weren’t in ‘perfect condition’ shall we say. After walking and exploring with no set destination in mind we came across Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, which had a beach in so it would have been rude to ignore that. Naturally on our supposed 3 hour coach ride home there was an accident on the road and if you have ever been to the keys before you will know that there is only 1 main road there. Needless to say the 3 hour coach ride turned into a 8 hour coach ride.

Nights out in Miami agreed with us a lot more that’s nights out in Las Vegas. These nights were free entry and free drinks so we were onto a winner. We were also staying so close to the clubs that we could just walk home after and not have to worry about paying for a taxi. It cost zero, the music was good, the night was great!

Miami I like you. And I will be back.

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