Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

1 thing has been ticked off the bucket list! Going on a helicopter!!!

I wish I could say I got to do this all the time but unfortunately, I really don’t.

Long story short I had won some money and instead of saving it  (who needs, or wants to do that) I decided to treat us to a helipcopter ride and walking tour of the Grand Canyon!

After almost missing out on our tour, where our shuttle to the coach didn’t arrive, we got to our first stop was Hoover Dam. As we had quite a lot to do on our trip this stop was really quick but still very impressive.

Next stop, a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon! If you can,I could not recommend this enough. Walking around parts of the Grand Canyon is great but I don’t think you get to fully take in just how vast it is. We were in awe the entire ride and I could not count the amount of times we said “wow”! The actually helicopter was an experience in itself, it was quite windy the day we did it so a bit of a bumpy ride was an understatement (fortunately I don’t get travel sick but Hannah didn’t feel great!) but it was well worth it.

After the helicopter ride we had a short transfer to the walking viewpoints, which again were incredible. As this is where everyone comes on their tours it was quite busy but there are little bits you can walk to that not everyone has spotted (or wants to walk as it a bit off the beaten path) so they were the perfect places for pictures!

Now from what I have researched, ok it was just a quick look on google, we have now definitely been to one of the seven natural wonders of the world!!

Our actual time in Vegas was pretty chilled, we didn’t have the money to go out to the clubs (or wanted to spend it on other things further down the line) so spent the days walking along the strip, watched the dancing fountains outside The Bellagio Hotel, sunbathing at our hotel and enjoying a meal out. Plus we won 14 cents on a slot machine so who’s the real winner?!

If you want to see more of our helicopter ride or day trip check out the vlog I put together here>>>

I’d love to hear what you did in Las Vegas or how you experienced Grand a Canyon. I’ve heard kayaking part of it is amazing?!

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