Kefalonia Part II: A Boat Trip Gone Wrong

Kefalonia Part II: A Boat Trip Gone Wrong


If you read my post on Kefalonia Part I you will know how we spent the rest of our time on the lovely island of Kefalonia. If you didn’t be sure to check it out!

But this post I have dedicated solely to our ‘boat trip.’ The perfect way to spend your second to last day on holiday right?? Perfect for topping up your tan, eating amazing food, and relaxing to the extreme. In my imagination that is what happened. In reality? Unfortunately not.

At our hotel (run by we had asked our rep if there were any boat trips. Our rep told us yes, so naturally we booked on to it!

We set off early, crossing the island to the ‘other side’ by ferry and spent about 20 minutes waiting at the dock for our transfer (which we thought was going to be a boat). This was not a good sign.

Finally a coach pulls up! We thought great! maybe this is going to transfer us to our boat?? Naturally we were the last ones to board the coach, there were 2 seats left at the front, which I let my friends take and I took 1 right at the back. Great!

5 minutes in a lady stands up and tells us she is our guide for the day and she would be talking us through the places we would be seeing as we drove to them. You guessed it, we had been booked onto a coach trip. If you have been to Kefalonia, or any Greek Islands you will know that the roads consist of lots of tight bends, mountainous routs and crazy drivers, so its safe to say I was a little on edge of my seat (pun intended).

As it turned out, we managed to fit in a lot into the day! We visited; a winery (yes we pretended we knew what we were doing and tasted lots of wine!), a Monastery, the famous Melissani Caves (where we got 10 minutes in A BOAT), and a little town called Agia Effimia, a traditional fishing village, where we had lunch and dipped our feet in the sea.

We did see lots, and if we had intentionally booked onto this tour I am sure I would have enjoyed it far more than what actually happened to us! Maybe this is me being stuck up, or picky but I didn’t ask for it, so I didn’t want it!

Either way, it wasn’t my ideal situation, but it happened and we dealt with it!

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39 Replies to “Kefalonia Part II: A Boat Trip Gone Wrong”

  1. So sorry it didn’t work out how you’d like it to but it sounded fun anyways! Great post and a great reminder for me to double check what I’m booking!

    1. It’s definitely each to their own and we did still have fun but yes, not getting what you’re expecting isn’t a great way to start!

  2. It’s a shame that your boat trip didn’t turn out how you’d planned, ie on a completely different mode of transport! I’ve been in similar situations, with my excurssion being completely not what I expected – but never this bad. Did you speak to Jet2 and get a refund? This is a serious error on their part, so I hope you got it sorted x

    1. We were going to but all in all we had a good day, just not what we asked for so we decided it was more hassle complaining!

    1. I think it would have been a lot of hassle to go for a refund, we just won’t be travelling with them again!

  3. Oh what a shame! I know Kefalonia and it’s definitely fantastic by boat, however it looks like you saw some fab places, I had no idea they had wineries there! Great post.

    1. Yes! Way way up in the hills, lots of windey roads (although are there straight roads there?!). It really is beautiful!

  4. I’d expect more than 10 minutes on a boat if I’d booked a day trip – such a shame. The caves look absolutely stunning, mind you. Hope you complained to your hotel. So naughty.

    1. They were absolutely amazing! I have never seen water so still and clear it really was something special 🙂

  5. It sounds like you caught some beautiful sights, but I don’t understand how you ended up in a coach when you booked a boat! That sounds ludicrous. Sorry you didn’t get your boat trip :/ And that you were stuck in the back the whole time!

    1. Fortunately I was sat next to a friendly British family who talked to me a little so I wasn’t completely isolated!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes the main bit we laugh about is how much my face looked like a ‘slapped arse’ if you will!

  6. Oh no how annoying. Its one of the most frustrating things when you have planned something and then it changes. Especially something you are very much looking forward to. The pictures you took do look lovely though! I hope the rest of your trip went well. xx

  7. I certainly understand your frustration. It happened to me once on a trip as a family, keep in mine it was me and my hubby and 3 girls under the age of 6. That experience have me and my hubby triple checking every trip we plan. We made the most out of it, but it was a pain. Seems like you had fun as

    1. Yes definitely, we wouldn’t have driven to those things (apart form the caves) if we hadn’t have gone on the coach so there are perks to everything!

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