It’s Not OK

It’s Not OK

Now that I have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease everyone has been asking me if I am OK with my diagnosis. Sometimes, in fact most of the time I want to scream NO I am not OK.

I’m not OK with a lot of things about this disease.

I’m not OK that I can never have my families cakes (unless made especially GF) at celebrations.

I’m not OK that when I walk into a supermarket they don’t have any fresh wheat free bread.

I’m not OK that I have to ring up beforehand if I want to go to a restaurant to make sure they have at least 1 option that is wheat free and vegetarian.

I’m not OK that I can’t have a Chinese takeaway without worrying that the meal might be cooked in the same pan as something that has wheat in or may contain soy sauce (which has wheat in).

I’m not OK that in a supermarket there is only a small section of wheat free alternatives. Yes it is growing but it is in no way big.

I’m not OK that I can’t eat the same meals as my family unless they go out of their way to have gluten free and vegan.




The list with things that I’m not OK with could go on for a long time.

But I have this disease. It’s something that can not be changed. It’s something I have to deal with. It’s something that I have to live with.

So I tell them yes I’m OK.

photos by: jasonbolonski & sylvar

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  1. Good luck Nicky. It must be a relief to finally know why you were feeling so poorly. I hope you continue to feel better day by day and also hope you find a good GF cookbook!
    Look after yourself.
    Lynne Fallon

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