How to Break Up with Your Phone

How to Break Up with Your Phone

It is scary how much we rely on our phones isn’t it? Like, the first thing I would do in the morning would be to check my phone, the last thing I would do at night? You guessed it, I would check my phone. Even if I wasn’t on it I would constantly have it in my pocket, or on the table during meal time.

As soon as I got a notification it would be like it was an emergency to reply, when in reality it was probably my mum telling me what time tea was (although that is an emergency right?!), I would text my brother to make me a brew even though he was only in the next room (my legs hurt ok?)!

I wasn’t even conscious of what I was doing, how much I was depending on it.

It wasn’t until I came across a video on Facebook (ironic, I know) “Simon Sinek Explains the Millennial Paradox” that I really noticed it (it’s a 15 minute video but well worth the watch).

After that I started trying really hard to spend less time with my phone (it sounds like I’m breaking up with it) and I feel SO much better for it. Don’t get me wrong I am still on it constantly but gradually I am depending on it less!




So here are a few of my own steps to breaking-up with your phone!


1) Make a list of things you want to do during the day.

DON’T go on your phone until they are done.


2) Turn off the notifications

Pretty much all apps have a setting where you can turn off the push notifications! Turn them off and you won’t be notified until you actually go on the app. Go to general settings — notifications and flick them off for each app.


3) Delete apps, for a certain period of time or forever!

There is so much negativity on social media this is one of the things I found easiest to do. Actually deleting can be hard but once it is done and you have a break from it you will feel so much lighter and happier in general! If you don’t want to delete it just try not to go on it for a day and see how much lighter you feel!


4) Unsubscribe from newsletters

The more e-mails you get the longer you are going to spend on your phone flicking through them. One of them will take you to their website and you will spend an hour looking at that. Yada yada. Don’t let the newsletters come unless you REALLY need them.


5) Go on ‘flight mode’ an hour before bed

If you think an hour is to much to start off with half an hour and gradually increase it. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t actually be on your phone for this amount of time, in order to let your eyes rest and also give your brain some peace before actually sleeping so do yourself a favour and pretend you’re on a plane – that’s never a bad thing!


6) Stay on ‘flight mode’ until after breakfast

The first thing you do when you wake up will shape the rest of your day. If you go on your phone and see something negative, or bitch about someone this is put a downer on the rest of the day (whether you notice it or not).



7) Carry a book with you

Whenever I am stuck in a queue (sitting or standing) or on my lunch break the first thing I go to is my phone, not necessarily looking at anything in particular. Instead, take a book, a good one, and read this while you wait and while you have lunch (or even better socialise with your colleagues!).


8) Leave your phone behind

When you are going out for a meal with your friends, you don’t need your phone. When you go to work, you don’t need your phone. You may want it, but you don’t need it. Start off with something small, like a walk around the park, and gradually build up leaving your phone at home (it sounds like leaving the kids at home-not that I have any).


9) Tell your friends what your doing

If you are trying it, they might too. Then instead of having to sit across from then while your out for a meal, where they are tapping away on their phone you may be able to have some legit conversations!


10) If you are still struggling

Give your phone to someone close (mum, best friend, boyfriend) and tell them to either look after it for you, or if you are rugby-tackling them for it, tell them to hide it somewhere safe until an agreed time.



In this day and age (how old do I sound) you are never going to completely be able to stay away from phones, whether it’s yours or someone around you. Let’s be honest you are probably reading this on a phone! But you can try. It may feel weird at first and there may be some signs of withdrawal (literally) but you will feel so much better for it!

Good Luck!

18 Replies to “How to Break Up with Your Phone”

  1. I guess I have to start breaking up with some of my apps Useful post by the way…we’re missing out on so much because our noses are constantly buried in our phones.

  2. I think most people could do with listening to this advice, I know I am guilty of being on my phone to much. I have started deleting apps for a time recently though and it does help x

    1. It is definitely something we do instinctively now, I am trying to ease myself out of this habit! I hope some of the tips work well for you 🙂

    1. I almost wish we didn’t have mobiles full stop. But there are pros and cons to everything and they definitely have their pros too!

  3. It’s amazing how much we use our phones without even realising it. I went out recently and accidentally left my phone at home. I couldn’t believe how many times I instinctively wrnt to reach for it. It was strangely liberating it not to have it!

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