Crete: Beaches on the South

Crete: Beaches on the South


The Beaches

There really is nothing like the beaches OR the sea you will find on any of the Greek Island. A lot of the ‘beaches’ on the South of the Island are little coves and can be tricky to get to (some are only accessible by boat) but once you have got there pretty much all of them are well worth the journey! I have done a little description below of the beaches which I visited on my latest trip to Crete. You might notice that most of them say similar things as they are they are all so beautiful!


Plakias Beach

This beach is picturesque. It has crystal clear waters and doesn’t go deep very quickly like most beaches in this area do. The sand it more like very fine small stones, but the closer you get to the sea the more it turns to sand, by the time your toes touch the water it is silky smooth on your feet so don’t worry about falling over rocks in the sea! We are a very ‘active’ family so the volleyball net on the beach was an extra pro for us, but if you are planning on playing I would advise you go for a breakfast on the beach and play before the sand gets too hot! We stopped playing around 11.30 as our feet were burning. This beach is also perfect as it is literally in front of Plakias town, where there are restaurants, bars, cute little shops, or in my families case a bakery for breakfast on the beach!

Damnoni Beach

This beach has it all. It is sandy all over, there are sunbeds and also places to just put your towel on the sand (that’s what we did as there were so many of us), water sports, amazing snorkelling, crystal clear waters and the water is always so calm even on the windy days – just be aware the sand will fly though! There are also a small row of taverna’s for if you get hungry – in our case perfect for an ice-cream stop. The road to get to Damnoni is also rather easy to drive down but there isn’t a lot of parking so you may have to take to the side of the road if you don’t get there early!

Skinaria Beach

A family who had also been staying in the area had recommended this beach to us and while it was nice we weren’t WOW’D by it. Yes it would be perfect on windy days as it is quite sheltered but as soon as you enter the water there is a steep decline and you pretty much have to swim from the off, not great for paddlers like me. However like all the other beaches we visited the water was crystal clear and there were a few fish to be seen! Be aware that on the drive down there are lots of twists and turns and some blind corners so GO SLOW, especially mid-day when cars are coming and going!

Souda Beach

So both times we went to this beach we weren’t really stopping, once was at 6 in the evening and we went for a quick dip (I bottled out as it was chiiiiilly at this time and went deep really fast) before our run and the other time we walked down and had a drink at the local Taverna. Despite not really being on the beach from what I did see it was beautiful with quite a large stretch of beach, a mixture of sunbeds and open space. The sand was more like very fine stones and pebbles but it was comfortable to walk on – and of course the water was… you guessed it, crystal clear.

Preveli Beach

Ok so this is the beach everyone raves about, and to be perfectly honest I don’t get it and this is probably due to our ‘not so nice’ car ride over. So there are TWO ways of getting to this beach. One way the road is fine but you then have to walk about 400 steps (not proper steps, remember where you are), that’s 800 if your counting down and up again, in the heat. Or you can go on a not so nice road, with lots of blind corners, twists and bumpy dust roads, with a lovely picturesque 5 minute walk. We chose (OK we didn’t see the first option) the not so nice road. That way actually brings you out to a beach just the other side of the cove but there are signs for which way you need to go. The beach itself is nice but rather small and the river that flows down looked dirty (it may have just been like this on the day we visited) and not something I wanted to swim in. My brothers did manage to do some snorkelling and find a few rocks to jump off so all was not lost, but it wasn’t one we were going to go back to!

A Cove with no name

So I have no idea if this cove has a name, but this is THE perfect spot if you are an early bird or want breakfast on the beach. Imagine you are on your way to Souda Beach, as you go around the coast road you will see a loose U turn bend and it is in this bend that the cove is placed. There is only 1 access point, though a little gap in the rope, followed by small stone steps leading out to a mixture of a stone and sand cove. There are rocks on either side that you can climb up to overlook the stillest, clearest water I have every seen. When you are actually in the water it is all stones (which is the only down side) but the snorkelling makes up for this as it’s where the most fish were seen – according to my dad and brothers! Be careful not to go too late, it’s so small and quickly gets busy! We went for breakfast, had a dip then left!

And there you have it! The beaches I visited on my trip to Crete! Remember that Crete is such a big Island you are not going to see a lot of it, unless you are constantly on the move and staying in different locations! Be realistic and enjoy your time there!

*All of the opinions above are my own and may differ from your experiences!*

Which are your favourite beaches, in Crete or anywhere in the world?! Don’t forget to leave your comment below! XO

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    1. No problem! I would definitely say if your staying in this area Plakias beach is best for this!! I hope you have a great time!

  1. I’ve never been to Crete but those beaches are something else ! One of my favorite beaches is the Coral beach in Connemara ,Galway ! It’s not for everyone but there is something magical about it .
    Now , off to see if I can suggest Crete for a break with hubby !

  2. We went to Crete last year but didn’t really see much as I was pregnant but I’d love to go back and see more. These beaches look beautiful. X

  3. I have never been to Greece but I hopefully will get there next year. The beaches in Crete look fantastic, I love that they are sandy and the color of the water is so turquoise.

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