About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Nicky (I prefer Nic) the 22 year old foodie and sun-loving blogger behind Coeliac Without Borders!

Since the day my grandma taught me to make the perfect sponge cake I have loved to bake. As time went on this love turned into all things food related and I was spending as much time in the kitchen as I was at college (probably more if you count eating as well as making – don’t tell mum).

Then came the health part.

In January 2016 I decided to make a diet change and became vegetarian, in which  I had to learn how to nourish my body properly, giving it the love and attention it needed to continue my active lifestyle, especially as I had to cook for myself (I couldn’t convince any of my family to make the change). I learnt a lot about what different foods do to help our body and what I would need to eat more of as a vegetarian to keep my iron and protein up.

In April 2017 I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, so this time I was forced to change my dietary requirements. I am now following a vegan, gluten-free diet and though I have seen vast improvements I am still struggling and it is hard to come to terms with my new diet. I miss my gluten and it is a constant quest to find supplements to use instead of it. Fortunately I like to change things up and have trial and error recipes – I will only put the really good ones on here I promise!

About the blog

Due to the recent change in diet I have really struggled to find gluten free AND vegan recipes/options out there so in April 2017 I decided to start my blog with the hope of sharing healthy gluten free and vegan recipes, travelling advice and my own journey as a person living with coeliac disease.

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