A Day Trip to Remember

A Day Trip to Remember

I never thought I would spend 22 hours on a bus. But believe it or not I did. I can also now tick off visiting the Caribbean region, although I will be back.

We travelled from Bogota to Cartagena, trying to time our trip so the majority of the time we would be sleeping. That would have worked, if we could have fallen asleep. I would say we more took naps rather than ‘sleep’ BUT this bus trip was far better than the greyhound busses in North America. The chairs we chose were ‘semi-cama’ so reclined partly which felt luxurious compared to previous bus trips. After what felt like eternity and a couple of numb bums along the way we finally arrived and made our way to our hostel!

After a day of wandering around the walled old town, getting lost in the side roads, strolling along the cobbled stone streets and enjoying the colourful buildings we decided to book onto a day trip *we actually did a walking tour again on our last day which was great but HOT!

We chose to go to Islas del Rosario, a 40 minute boat transfer away. This island is apparently known for their coral reefs so we chose to go snorkelling. While it was beautiful , the part they took us to didn’t have much going on; lacking in colour and marine wildlife. Nether the less we managed to see some fish and had a great time doing it!

The rest of our time on the island was spent sunbathing, dipping in the sea (so much warmer than what we experienced in North America) and eating our buffet lunch which was a delicious BBQ cooked up by the locals. With the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the almost clear sky and the tropical temperatures we really did feel like we were in the Caribbean.

Our short time in Colombia is over but from what we have seen and heard from other travelers there is so much more to do, and no amount of time will be enough. I can’t wait to come back to Colombia for more adventures!

Did you do any day trips from Cartagena? I’d love to hear what you did!! Also check out my vlog for our time in Colombia >>>


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