A Day in Washington, D.C.

A Day in Washington, D.C.

Welcome back lovely readers! If you are following my journey on my instagram or watching my vlogs you may have noticed that I am not in Washington, D.C.. In fact I’ve been to 5 other places since then. Yep you heard it right. It’s been 4 weeks since Washington, I’ve been to 5 other places and I haven’t written ANY posts.

To be honest it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Vlogging takes much more time than I thought and the last thing I want to do at night, after a full day of walking around taking in the sights, is to write a long blog post.

BUT what is the point of me going to these places if I can’t tell you all about it? You guys deserve more! So I’m going to back-track and tell you all the places to see if you only have one LONG day in Washington, D.C.

Is it Impossible? No. Is it a hell of a lot of walking? Yes! So be prepared!



The White House. Ok this ‘house’ is so overrated, it’s not as big as you would expect and to be honest not always worth the visit. BUT if you are wanting to do the tourist thing and want to tell everyone that you’ve been to or seen The White House this is a must.

The U.S department of the treasury. If you decide to go to the White House about a 2 minute walk away is this building so while your there why not?! ONLY go here if you have gone to the White House. It’s a pretty cool building on the outside and if you like architecture etc you will love this but I wouldn’t go out of your way to see it!

Next head on down towards the US Capitol. You can enter here (you might want to book a tour) but I preferred to just see it from the outside. It is a beautiful building and the surroundings are so picturesque it is a must see!

Walk down the National Mall and on either side you will be surrounded by museums and galleries galore! If you have longer in Washington you may want to spend a portion of your time just going into these buildings! As we didn’t have much time we decided to just go into Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and United States Holocuast Memorial Museum.

Carry on walking towards Washington monument! If you are lucky (like we were) you might even see someone getting proposed to! The lawns in front of the monument are often used for sports so watch out for a frisbees etc!

As you walk towards Lincoln Memorial you will first come to World War II Memorial. There are often veterans visiting and it is a very tranquil place so take in the atmosphere!

Walk down to Lincoln memorial on the left hand side of the reflecting pool and you will have the option to veer off to see Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, DC War Memorial and The Korean War Veterans Memorial. When you get to Lincoln Memorial make sure you take a few minutes to just sit on the steps and take in the serious views you get from this point!

Now you can walk down the right hand side of the reflecting pool and again you can veer off if you want to walk through Constitution Gardens and see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

And there you have it! A day of seeing all the sights in Washington, D.C. Ok maybe not all of them but the vast majority!


1# If you are coeliac and vegan (or if you just want some seriously good food, yes they do meat if you’re a meat lover) you need to go to Protein Bar! I got the vegan chilli and it was SO good and rich in flavour!

2# If somehow you have a little bit of extra time in your day, or if you don’t fancy going in a museum why not explore the United States Botanic Garden?

3# Watch Night of the Museum Two before you get to Washington, D.C. and you will feel as though you are actually in the film.

Have you already been and have other sightseeing favourites? I would love to hear them!

24 Replies to “A Day in Washington, D.C.”

  1. I’d love to explore Washington DC however a bit disappointed to hear that The White House isn’t as grand as it appears. I can see that from your photo but still I’d love to visit. As long as Trump wasn’t home 😉

  2. Thank you for the share, I always wondered about Washington. Blimey the White House does look small ?! Is that the front of just a side where you’re allowed to go? Is it there where Frank Underwood meets the people outside of the White House ? :)))

  3. I love this review, very well written. I have never been to Washington DC, but it’s up there on my top 10 places I want to visit! I will be sure to take in some of these sights that you have mentioned 🙂

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